Kerry Arabena: Lead Coach

A descendant of the Meriam people from the Torres Strait, Kerry’s work has brought her to the forefront of Indigenous affairs in Australia. A former social worker with a Doctorate in Environmental Science, Kerry has worked in not for profit, community controlled and academic institutions, holding senior positions such as the inaugural Co-Chair of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, Executive Director of Apunipima Cape York Health Council, Chair of Indigenous Health at the University of Melbourne, lead researcher of First 1000 Days Australia, CEO of the Lowitja Institute and Director of Indigenous Health Research at Monash University. Internationally, Kerry was President of Ecohealth International, consulted for the World Health Organisation, was a Scientific Commissioner on the Lancet Pathfinder project and completed a Fellows program with the Rockefeller Foundation in Italy.

With an extensive background in public health, administration, community development and research, Kerry has led a wide range of organisations and committees and consulted across Oceania, Norway and Indonesia.

Currently, Kerry holds honorary professorial positions with the University of Melbourne and Federation University, is an Interim Director of Victoria’s Self-Determination Fund, a Trustee at Arts Centre Melbourne, manages her burgeoning consulting, publishing and coaching and education and training companies, and has several entrepreneurial programs in development including the most recent launch of her new business, Ilan Style.

Guest Coaches

Our guest coaches are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are engaged in delivering coaching services or undertaking ICF accredited training programs. All have had deep organisational experience in government, nongovernment and entrepreneurial agencies and are adept at answering questions related to how to work in cultural safe ways, how they have implemented cultural determinants why it is important to work with people who believe what you believe. All have remarkable stories to draw on and are masterful teachers and communicators.  In Karabena’s group coaching programs, guest coaches will share stories of their lived experiences in way that ignite, engage and inspire. All have created to a wide reach to a broad audience and excel in their capabilities both online and face to face.

Guest coaches will deliver webinars, participate on monthly panel discussions, co-host coaching sessions and answer questions, post information and links related to the call, where they can. You can expect to meet the following First Nation’s people in your Coaching program:

Robyn Forester: CEO at the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre and ICF accredited Coach

Robyn is a versatile human-resources practitioner with hands-on experience in workforce diversity. She has decades long professional experience in both policy and service delivery agencies. Currently the CEO of the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre, she is competent in facilitating participative management in fast-paced, diverse workforces and has a reputation as an excellent team builder and consultant.  Robyn is a trusted confidant, A Churchill Awardee Fellow, sought after strategist, a gifted international traveller, entrepreneur, mother, grandmother and friend.

Brian Stevens: Managing Director of Wariga Molla and accredited ICF Coach

Brian Stevens is a proud Gunai man who has a deep understanding of cultural knowledge and Aboriginal community protocols.  He is at the pinnacle of a career spanning three decades where he has held senior roles in Indigenous leadership, governance, curriculum development, community engagement, coaching, facilitation, organisational strengthening and training. These attributes come through in the way he shares information, holds spaces and supports people navigate the cultural interface with confidence and ease. 

Karen Milward: Managing Director Karen Milward Consultancy

Karen Milward is a strong advocate for developing cultural solutions to issues confronting First Nations people.  She has extensive experience in social research, early intervention and prevention, and uses life course approaches to address social and cultural determinants of health and wellbeing.  She specialises in governance, business development, organisational change and sophisticated co-design. She is a sought after strategist, cultural awareness trainer and facilitator, RAP designer and coach.

Justin Noel: Origins Communications Australia

Justin is one of Australia’s most respected Indigenous communications, research and facilitation consultants. He is a Dhungutti man who has extensive experience in social marketing policy development, training, recruitment, coaching, health and human services. He provides strategic advice and contextual analysis. Justin provides sought after consultancy services, raises the profile of Indigenous communities and supports corporate and government agencies develop inclusive business practices. He works with corporate executives, government staff, Indigenous communities and organisations.

Lisa Bulman: Lead Facilitator, Cultural Healer

Lisa is a Gunditjmara woman who works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. She works with cultural ways of knowing, being and doing to  address  social and emotional wellbeing issues affecting our communities. She is a powerful advocate for the implementation of solutions that address trauma,  promote cultural safety in the workplace and support for non-Indigenous people to work effectively with our people. Lisa is a runner and an accomplished spiritual healer.

Jack Bulman: CEO of Mibbinbah Spirit Healing

Jack Bulman’s passion is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male’s Health. In the past he has worked in  community and government organisations, but in recent years his focus has shifted to  create safe spaces for First Nations men and their partners. Jack is in high demand as a speaker and facilitator and specialises in providing support for community governance and leadership concerns. He and Lisa have developed and implemented the ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ program across Australia.