Strong Allies group coaching

Strong Allies group coaching

Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Commitment: Zoom time 2x1.5 hours sessions per month, structured self-reflection 1.5 hours per month
Cost: $149 per person per month including GST
Minimum number of participants is required. Express your interest with us today.

Our passion

We are passionate about motivating people to be their best. Our group coaching programs demonstrate our commitment to create the kind of coaching environments where you can:

  • Be coached in community engagement strategies in a safe and secure environment.
  • Ask questions to improve your confidence to engage First Nations people.
  • Check in with First Nations coaches to see if you ‘are doing it right’ or where you could ‘do it better’.
  • Hear the impact of government policies, services and systems on the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Develop a capacity for affirmative action, personal growth and develop a plan to drive positive change.
  • Improve team and institutional responses to culturally diverse workforces and communities.
  • Become an inspiration for current and future generations of leaders.



Group coaching will be offered live online. Recordings will be available for a short period of time after. Upon enrolment, course participants will be invited into a Facebook community of practice to share information, seek advice and celebrate achievements. Throughout the year there will be opportunities to come together in face-to-face programs managed through the Karabena business suite, including coaching workshops, writing retreats and short courses.

Our niche

Karabena Coaching offers group coaching. We do this because we believe that groups can facilitate healing and learning when each member is supported to connect, communicate and participate in methodologies that build one another up. We are Indigenous coaches who have proven track records in negotiating the cross-cultural interface with ease, supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people in workplaces, and supporting workplaces engage with Australia’s First Peoples.


We aim to develop the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to engage in the cultural interface with empathy, sincerity and authenticity. With the continued support of our coaching team, you can feel assured that you will achieve your desired results in working culturally and competently in many situations and circumstances.


You will learn from First Nations people how to implement life-changing coaching strategies aligning with our people’s values, ethics and lived experience. Additionally, we support people:

  • To reflect and integrate their insights
  • To participate in strong culture-led process frameworks
  • To leverage their time and resources
  • To work with more clients over less time
  • To problem solve in a safe environment and promote accountability.


We will offer theoretical, conceptual and activities-based engagement that will support you to develop plans, strategies and techniques to enhance your experience of your own worldview, and that of people from different cultures. You will be supported to recognise your skills and be provided with expert advice on how you can sensitively manage the issues and challenges associated with leading culturally diverse teams or engaging with culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

Live training, real engagement

We offer live coaching programs and calls. Once you sign up, you’ll receive the link to join our Zoom calls. You will be provided with webinars, coaching sessions, advice and support that is particular to your circumstance and choice of program.