Traumatology Talks

Traumatology Talks: Black Wounds White Stitches coaching course for emergency workers and first responders

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Please note our holiday break will be from 20 December 2021 – 28 January 2022. Coaching will continue as normal after the break.

This coaching course is based on evidence generated by the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) in partnership with Karabena Consulting and the Lowitja Institute. Participants will learn about ACEM’s vision for the provision of culturally safe and quality acute health care in Australian hospitals, particularly Emergency Departments. Coaching sessions will be informed by the principle of reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. At the completion of this course, participants will be able to develop a Culturally Safe Advocacy and Implementation Plan to improve emergency care delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Over the course duration, participants will identify conceptions of cultural safety and apply this information in their workplace. Access the summary report and full report here.

Traumatology Talks: Why this approach to exploring trauma is important

There is no one size fits all approach to enhancing cultural safety, rather a range of strategies that advocates can employ. Emergency Department workers and other first responder group advocates are asking for a reimagining of emergency medicine, not only in diagnosing and treating wounds, infections and injuries, but also in expanding the role of diagnosing and treating the social and cultural determinants of health and wellbeing for all populations. Social emergency care is an emerging field of practice that can be delivered in concert with emergency medicine, but one that can more appropriately respond to these determinants of health. This makes it a specialisation that can emphasise the particular requirements for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

In this course participants will:

  • Consider the social and cultural determinants underlying health and illness 
  • Work to understand the experiences of those presenting 
  • Develop position statements, organisational policies and practices
  • Deliver community requested projects
  • Identify alternative referral pathways including for people experiencing mental health issues

Here is what the coaching program includes:
We have developed an evidence-informed program during which time you will receive:

  • Weekly coaching sessions to calibrate your mindset, skills and talents and move you to reach your goals
  • Live training calls to get the edge on implementing culturally safe social emergency strategies, enhance your cross-cultural skills, feel energised and overcome any fears or blocks to your success
  • Resources that focus your attention on key elements of pre- and post-Emergency Department services and place-based strategies
  • Support to troubleshoot issues that impact upon your work

Here’s how the program will work
This is a live program. Once you sign up, you’ll receive the link to join our Zoom calls.

Other things you need to know
The online coaching program will be conducted on Zoom, which is free conferencing software that you can easily download on your PC, iPad or mobile phone. This format will allow you to comment and ask questions during the sessions, and will enable us to provide the support, knowledge, tools and clarity you need  All sessions are recorded, so if you miss a session you will be sent the recording to catch up.